Lists for the New Year

Two quick hits for New Years’ Eve. First, a playlist. Nothing too fancy about this one—just those songs I want to hear tonight. Something old, with a bit of swing and nostalgia. Only one of these songs will feature on this blog properly. But who said music can’t be simple and fun?

Finally, because people have asked, here are my Top 20 Composers. An exceedingly difficult task and present in rough order. I expect this list to change as this blog evolves, but it’s nice to put a marker down at this stage.

  1. Bach
  2. Debussy
  3. Monteverdi
  4. Beethoven
  5. Wagner
  6. Liszt
  7. Palestrina
  8. Ligeti
  9. Stravinsky
  10. Bartok
  11. Mahler
  12. Mozart
  13. Berg
  14. Britten
  15. Messiaen
  16. Shostakovich
  17. Berlioz
  18. Chopin
  19. Glass
  20. Josquin

2 thoughts on “Lists for the New Year

  1. Lots of other composers would have made the list before those three, although Vivaldi is closest. I anticipate more 20th and perhaps 21st century composers will make the list as I progress.


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