Boo! A Gertus History of Music’s Playlist for Halloween

Classical music really doesn't do Halloween and, frankly, no other genre does it well. Here is a playlist of some of the creepiest music composed over the last 700 years or so. If you are tired of The Monster Mash (and, frankly, who isn't), here's an alternative.

The Friday Symposium: Beethoven Swings

It should not be a surprise to any regular reader of this blog that I consider Beethoven's chamber works to be his most significant compositions, and his piano sonatas in particular to be among those where my connection to Beethoven is strongest. Beethoven's final piano sonatas are breathtaking in their beauty and inventiveness and, perhaps, … Continue reading The Friday Symposium: Beethoven Swings

Beethoven Unleashed

Here’s a sonata that will challenge pianists and that people will be able to play in 50 years. Ludwig van Beethoven Now that Beethoven was writing for himself, he undertook to compose a piano sonata of such incredible power and complexity that it can only be described as symphonic. What became his 29th sonata for … Continue reading Beethoven Unleashed

Interlude at the side of the road: Luigi Cherubini

When Beethoven was asked to name the greatest living composer, his answer was Luigi Cherubini. When asked to name his favorite composer of operas, Beethoven's answer was the same: Cherubini. Rarely performed, perhaps Cerubini's music is due for reevaluation? Before diving into his music, a few words about the man are needed. Cherubini was blessed … Continue reading Interlude at the side of the road: Luigi Cherubini

And Now We Will Talk to Each Other in Tones

What does a deaf composer write? Simply the greatest music ever composed. Had Beethoven stopped composing in 1812, he still would have found a place in the first rank of composers in history. But what Beethoven did between 1817 and 1827 is simply remarkable, even setting aside his disability. Looking back from our 21st century … Continue reading And Now We Will Talk to Each Other in Tones