The Jupiter

We are now quickly coming to the end.  But before grief, utter brilliance.  Mozart wrote his 41st and last symphony at the age of 33.  He had no idea it would be his final symphonic statement, but he could leave no greater legacy.  Again, there is too much to say about the remarkable “Jupiter” Symphony … Continue reading The Jupiter

Rediscovering Mozart

Often tempting to dismiss as the kitch before Beethoven or the guy who opened the door to the Romantic aesthetic while declining to walk through it, the music of Mozart is both inviting and, distressingly, easily dismissed. Even by those who are quick to recognize his genius. One of the great surprises for me in … Continue reading Rediscovering Mozart

Mozart, Innovator of Advanced Harmonics

The sheer impossibility of doing justice to Mozart is beginning to show—so much great music has been ignored here. But as we gather steam on Mozart’s influence on the Romantics, half a century later, let’s take a look at one of his most daring compositions, the Quartet No. 19 in C Major. In or around … Continue reading Mozart, Innovator of Advanced Harmonics

Be for us a foretaste

Mozart’s brief motet, Ave Verum Corpus, was one of the springs that fed the Romantic period.  Written in the last year of his life as a gift to a friend to thank him for a kindness, it is hard not to consider the prophetic words of the prayer: “Hail, true body born of the Virgin … Continue reading Be for us a foretaste

Mozart the Virtuoso of the Piano

Mozart's virtuosity was often and best expressed at the insturment he is most closely associated with--the piano. His series of piano concertos, Nos. 20-24, rank among the greatest music ever written.  First up is the Andante of the 21st, which is one of Mozart's most famous tunes, popping up in movies with stunning regularity. W.A. … Continue reading Mozart the Virtuoso of the Piano